Monthly Archives: May 2010

Preparing for the 2010 Challenge

Welcome to the Teen Summer Reading Challenge blog! The Wellington County Library is getting ready for the 2010 Challenge and we’re issuing it to you: can Wellington County teens read more pages this summer than last summer? It’s a big task, but it has its rewards — namely, great prizes, reading some really stellar books, and the satisfaction of being awesome.

We’ve made a few changes at the blog this year, the big one being that we have a new blog administrator. Sarah has done an amazing job with the blog the past two years, and this year Kiirstin’s going to have a chance to play. Her first act as administrator is to thank Sarah for her hard work in getting this blog set up, and the second is to thank the Drayton TAG, particularly Christian and Dylan, for helping her pick this year’s design, because she’s way too indecisive on her own.

Something we’re going to try this year is posting our reviews as separate posts instead of comments. We had over double the number of reviews from teens last year, and we’d love to double that number again! The new way of posting should ensure that the newest reviews are the first thing people see when they drop by the blog.

Which leads to our final thought: get the word out! Have friends who like books? Have friends who like to talk about books? Point their favourite internet browser here and get the discussion rolling!

Keep watching this space for more information (like how to submit a review and how to win what prizes) and updates as the summer rolls closer. The Summer Reading Challenge starts on June 28, 2010. Are you up for it?