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Change the View

You may have seen the posters around your local library branch or school, or heard of this video contest from friends or elsewhere, but if not — did you know you could win $2000 by creating a 3-minute video that shows how we can take the stigma out of kids’ mental health issues?

1 in 5 kids suffers every day with something related to mental health — stress, depression, eating disorders, ADHD, bullying, schizophrenia, and more. Children’s Mental Health Ontario is holding this contest to highlight that issue, and to encourage people to both come forward if they’re having trouble, and to support the friends and family around us who may need our help.

Find out more, or watch some of the entries they’ve received. The deadline for entry is April 20, 2011 — so have some fun, do some good, and have a chance to win a great prize in the process!

Getting the blog rolling

*pokes at blog*

Yes indeed, things have been kind of quiet here lately, aside from TAG news. But that is about to change. We’ll start posting polls, hopefully a few reviews of great YA books, maybe some recommended reading lists here and there.

If you have something you’d like us to post — you’ve just read an awesome book, you have a list of authors you think others should try, you’ve just seen the best movie and think everyone should go to it, and so on — please send us your thoughts. If you write them in a comment with your first name, we’ll make sure they get posted right here on the front page.

So! To start us off, a poll! This one is related to movies, so I’ll point you in the direction of the excellent GreenBeanTeenQueen blog, where every Friday she keeps the internet up to date on YA movie news.

ps. Yes, WCL does have copies of each of the books the above movies are based on.

CW TAG – The S.H.E.L.F in progress

The CW TAG’s self-generated newsletter is coming along! We have the first draft of The S.H.E.L.F, to be reviewed at our next meeting on March 21st. It looks great…

There’s still some room in the issue, so if you have other things you want to submit, or if you haven’t sent me your ideas yet, bring it along on Monday.

See you then!