Weekly Poll: WCL Heroine Throwdown!

It’s the great Wellington County Library Favourite Heroine Throwdown!

We did an informal poll here among all the programming staff here at the library: who is your favourite heroine? And now we’re about to put our choices to the test. Of our picks, who is your favourite bookish leading lady?

There may be a few in here you’ve never heard of. I’ve included the titles of the books they can be found in, and over the next couple of weeks I’ll highlight each book so that you can figure out if the heroine we love is one you should get to know. (You can vote at any time, though — you don’t have to have read every book on the list before you cast your ballot.)

And don’t worry — the heroes will get their day next!


2 responses to “Weekly Poll: WCL Heroine Throwdown!

  1. Sophie from Howls Moving Castle.

  2. Maerad from the Pellinor series

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