Lightning Reviews!

We’ve been getting some very quick recommendations from readers, and while they’re all a little too short to be putting up as a full review, we’ll make sure we collect them and publish them every once in a while as “lightning reviews.” Look for these posts if you want a quick set of recommendations from your peers.

 [from spencer]
The book that I am reviewing is called Rebel Power Play, by David Skuy. The book was awesome and I would recommend it to all ages if u like hockey


[from anonymos]
Catmagic is by Holly Webb and i liked it because i really like the idea of animals being able to talk and girls that are my age being able to do magic


[from anonymos]
i just read The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and it was really good and found that some parts were a little hard to get through though but overall it was a pretty good book


[from Zoe]
Kenneth Oppel is an absolute GENIUS!!! His book, Starclimber, is amazing. It tells you about possibilities in space you never would’ve dreamed about. It kept me hooked.


[from Natasha]
I am in the middle of reading the book: Just Another Girlby: Melody Carlson. And so far it is a very good book I love it. This book is about a girl named Aster Flynn and she isnt popular. But then she gets noticed by a boy!!! Read the book to find out why this boy notices her and what will happen next.


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