Resource Spotlight: Novelist Recommended Reads

Ever been searching for something good to read, but don’t know have a specific book in mind?

There are lots of ways you can find new books to read, but it’s not always easy to remember all the resources available to you!  So today we’re doing a spotlight on one library resource you can use at the library or at home, to help you find that next perfect read.


Novelist is an online database where you can find information about books, whether they be teen books, children’s books, or adult reads.  You can access the database from our website, by clicking on Online Resources -> Research Tools -> Databases by Title -> “N” for Novelist.  Or, you can skip to the last page by clicking here.

This is what the home page of Novelist looks like.

There are tons of ways you can use this database…you can search by title, author, or description.  You can see what some of the current bestselling books are for all ages.  You can even follow a tutorial if you’re not sure how to get started.  But today we’re just going to pinpoint one cool feature about Novelist: The Recommended Reads List.

Here’s a close up of the reads list.

It’s on the front page of Novelist, so it’s really easy to find.  And you can use it to search for books in any genre!  For example, if I wanted to find a teen-geared romance novel, all I’d have to do is click “Teen” and “Romance”, and it’ll give me some choices.

Then, once I’ve chosen what kind of romance I’m looking for, it’ll bring me to a page like this:


You can see a list of recommended titles, all with publication dates, reviews, cover images, and a quick summary of what the book’s about!

Novelist and other resources are always available for you to use with your WCL library card.  Check them out next time you’re in search of a great read!


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