Chills of the Silver Screen

Or colour screen, anyways.

It’s Halloween! And I thought I’d make one final Halloween-related post here on the blog. Because, well…the library offers more than just books.  We have resources for doing research, programmes for fun and for information, computers you can use in the library, and Wi-fi you can use with your own laptop, too.

 And we also have movies.

I love movies, including horror movies.  We’ve done a couple of posts on Halloween-themed books, so how about some spooky movies, too?

                                                                               Paranormal Activity (1-3) – Rating: 14A

 In the first Paranormal Activity, a couple begins to record their house, in an effort to capture the weird things they’ve been experiencing, like bumps and crashes in the night.  They think they might be facing a ghost, but it soon becomes apparent that what is really haunting them is something worse…a demon.

 These movies are a great contribution to modern horror. The effects are seemingly simple, but are extremely well-done, often leaving you wondering how they were possibly done!  What is interesting about this series is that the first three instalments actually progress backwards in time, developing the storyline of the couple and (her) family more, instead of moving on to something completely unrelated (like a lot of horror movie sequels).

Paranormal Activity 4 is in theatres now, so catch up with the first three before you see the new release!

 The Woman in Black – Rating: 14A

 A young lawyer travels to a small village to go through the house of a recently deceased woman.  What he finds once there, however, is a furious ghost who is not, by any means, ready to rest.

 This is a fairly new movie, based on the novel by Susan hill and starring a post-Potter Daniel Radcliffe. It is full of dark, creepy scenes, and definitely has the “jump” factor.  If you are looking for a chilling ghost story, this may be a great choice.

Carrie – Rating: 14A

Carrie is shy, unpopular, and forced to live with an over-religious mother who doesn’t really understand the real world.  After discovering that she has telekinetic powers, Carrie tries to fit in with her school…but a cruel prom prank sparks something else within her, something dark and sinister.

 This classic, based on the novel by Stephen King, is about to remade…see the original before the new version comes out to theatres!  This is a teen-horror, meaning it is focused around the lives of teens. It is slightly gory, definitely creepy, and has a couple of jumps in it as well.

 So there you are, a few Halloween horror choices for your viewing displeasure.  Watch the movies, and even read the books! It’s all available through the Wellington County Library System.

Happy Halloween Everyone!


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