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Poll: Who’s your favourite Canadian author?

Happy Canada Day, everyone! What better time to hang out with friends, good food and drink, and a great book? In honour of the fact that we are a country, I thought I’d see if we have some favourite Canadian authors. This list, as always, is embarrassingly incomplete; so help us out by adding if you don’t see your favourite Canadian author on the list!


Weekly poll: Where do you read?

People read everywhere, but some of us have places we prefer to read. Some of us have special reading nooks, or find we do our best reading outside on a gorgeous summer day with a beverage and a hammock. Some prefer busy public spaces (the Seen Reading project celebrates this), while some can’t read if there’s a single distraction. Where do you read?

Our Favourite Heroines: Bella Swan

Forks, Washington: home to many people’s favourite sparkling vampires and their gentle, klutzy, blood-averse, delicious-smelling human friend, Bella Swan. Bella was Lori from Erin’s choice for favourite heroine.

Just in case you missed the Twilight Saga somehow, Bella is the heroine of these four extremely popular books, and now popular movies. When we meet her, she’s 18 and starting anew in foggy Forks, having moved there from sunny California to live with her father. She’s starting to find her way around, meet some new people, and figure a few things out when she’s completely blindsided by her new biology lab partner, a young man by the name of Edward Cullen. He appears to hate her, but she finds herself unable to get him out of her head. Slowly and persistently, Bella starts to unravel the Cullen family’s secrets and a few more secrets hidden in Fork’s soggy forests besides.

The Twilight Saga starts with Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.

Weekly Poll: WCL Heroes Throwdown!

Katniss Everdeen appears to have interred the competition in the heroine throwdown (but the poll isn’t closed! you can still vote!). Now it’s the guys’ turn.

In the completely unscientific survey done of the library staff who read young adult fiction, the following heroes were chosen to represent. You’ll notice that there’s a bit of a disagreement between the Harry Potter fans among us (I am a Snape-as-played-by-Alan-Rickman fan, myself). See someone on there you like? Think we’re missing the cream of the crop? Let us know! Vote or leave us a comment!

Friday Finds for May 6: Buried Treasure

This week’s Buried Treasure was submitted by Lindsay at Hillsburgh Branch. Thanks Lindsay!


Looking for a light, easy and enjoyable read? Then look no further than I’m Exploding Now by Side Hite. Max seems to have lost “it”…whatever that means. He used to be a funny, popular guy but lately he’s feeling off his game. His parents are annoying, he has no job, no girlfriend and his buddy Trevor just got out of a mental institution. But his summer starts to look up when Mozart (aka Crappy) the family cat, decides to kick the bucket and Max is sent to his hippie aunt’s house in Woodstock to bury Crappy.

Written diary style, this comical book follows 16 year old Max as he navigates his way through summer vacation.

Our Favourite Heroines: The Paper Bag Princess

Does The Paper Bag Princess need any introduction? We hope not, but just in case, we’ll introduce her anyways. The Paper Bag Princess was Danielle’s (lately of Aboyne, now in Mount Forest) choice for favourite heroine. Mostly because she has one of the best lines ever.

The Paper Bag Princess is a beloved Robert Munsch story that many of us grew up with, and is still extremely popular today. It tells the story of a dragon who gets quite a lot more than he bargains for when he attempts to snack on the wrong princess. And Ronald, the prince, gets a fair bit more than he bargained for too. Not to mention that the Paper Bag Princess rocks her, shall we say, “recycled grunge” look in style. This book is a very nice counterpoint to some of the pretty pink princess stories out there.

Weekly Poll: Not a poll! Or rather, a pointer to last week’s poll…

I thought I’d better give everyone an extra week to fill out the heroine poll, since Katniss Everdeen is currently cleaning up. Which is not to say she shouldn’t (she was the only heroine we have on the list to be nominated by multiple librarians!) but I thought I’d give you another chance to vote for your favourite heroine, or tell us who she is if she’s not on our list.

Next week is when we’ll get to the heroes.