Q. How do I join the WCL Teen Summer Reading Challenge?

A. Sign up with your regular WCL branch. Only sign up at one branch, please!

Q. When can I sign up? When can I start filling out ballots?

A. You can sign up for the Challenge in June. Ballots will be available at the branches starting July!

Q. I’m twelve, but I’m going to turn thirteen in early August.  / I’m nineteen, but I’m going to turn twenty in July. Can I sign up for the WCL Teen Summer Reading Challenge?

A. For sure! Twelve-year-olds are now permitted to choose to be part of either the Teen Summer Reading Challenge or the TD Summer Reading Club. You can’t join both, only one of the two, but which one you choose is up to you. As for our older participants, you just have to be a teenager at some point during the six-week duration of the Challenge.

Q. What kinds of things do I have to read to qualify? Can I read a magazine? What about a graphic novel?

A. You can read pretty much anything that you would call “at your reading level.” Magazines do count, but only if you’ve read them — flipping through a magazine does not count as reading it. Yes, graphic novels and comic books count, books of poetry count, nonfiction books count, adult fiction counts. Even audiobooks count! If in doubt about whether it’s fair to fill out a ballot for something, ask the nearest WCL librarian.

Q. Hey, if audiobooks count, where can I find them? And how do I fill out the ballot for them?

A. WCL has a growing number of YA audiobooks on CD — ask your librarian. We also have lots of adult and kid’s audiobooks. When trying to decide the “reading level” of an audiobook to figure out if it will count towards the challenge, think about the paper copy. Would you consider it to be of your reading level?

Even better, we have a huge number of audiobooks of all kinds available for download. Many you can put on your iPod or other player of choice, or download to your computer.

When filling out a ballot for your audiobook, fill it out as you would for a paper book but give the running time (easier to find if it’s a download, but it will be somewhere on the case of your CD copy) instead of a page count. Simple!

Q. What about eBooks?

Sure, eBooks count! And you can download eBooks from the library from same place you can download audiobooks. Just record the ballot exactly as you would for a paper book.

Q. I read an awesome book and I loved it so much I read it again. Can I fill out two ballots for it?

A. You can’t fill out two ballots for the same book in the same summer. However, if you read that book last summer and filled out a ballot, then read it again this summer, you can fill out one ballot for it this year.

Q. I read an awful book and I didn’t finish it. Can I count the pages I did read?

A. Unfortunately, no. Unfinished books don’t count. But seriously, don’t torture yourself to finish a book just so you can get a ballot for it. Life is too short to read bad books.

Q. How do you know I did finish it?

A. Every once in a while a librarian might ask you some questions about a book you’re filling out a ballot for, but we’re counting on the fact that the vast majority of teens are fundamentally honest people. Please don’t break our hearts.

Q. What kind of prizes can I win?

The Summer Reading Challenge wouldn’t be complete without prizes! Things change every year, so stayed tuned to the blog and your local library branch for more details about what we’ve got in store for our next SRC. Last summer’s prizes included Chapters gift cards and a Kobo e-reader!

Q. Are there prizes for being active on the Teen Blog?

Yes! Everytime you make a comment, write a review, answer a question, or otherwise make a contribution to the blog you will be entered into a draw to win a free book. We will be doing 2 seperate draws – one for July and one for August, so get blogging for a chance to win!

Got a question you don’t see answered here? Leave a comment! If we see enough of the same type of question, we’ll add it to this FAQ.

For more information about this year’s TSRC click here

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